Light Expanded Clay Aggregate

Leca Block

LECA is the raw material for many prefabricated components. LECA blocks, prefabricated panels, Lightweight brick, Artificial Stone, Floor Tiles, Wall Tiles and pavement are all well-known products which have an advantage of lightness, fire resistant, sound insulation, thermal insulation, moisture resistance and fire-resistant.
LECA Precast Elements and Masonry Units is a construction accelerator, time ,labor and material saving. LECA building blocks are solid or hollow blocks of lightweight aggregate concrete. The base product is LECA.


Mortar is prepared by thoroughly mixing an adhesive material such as cement or plaster and a filler material such as fine and coarse grains or sand. Dry plaster mortar (plaster), masonry (brickwork) and mortar with low water absorption prepared in Leca industrial complex are cement-based mortars made from Leca grains (Leca industrial pumice). Leca cement mortar in Three types of plaster, masonry and mortar are produced with low water absorption.